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Looking For Great Magicians in East Stroudsburg PA For Parties and Events?

Well, you’ve come to a great place because we’ve made hiring a QUALIFIED magician in East Stroudsburg easy. It’s common that people want to hire the best magicians but how do you know who really is the #1 magician in East Stroudsburg?

This set of criteria is very important if you are comparing one magician to another.

1. Is the magician in East Stroudsburg a full time, professional entertainer?

2. Does the East Stroudsburg magician specialize in family entertainment?

3. Are they easy to work with and are they reliable?

These questions may seem common but in reality many magicians in East Stroudsburg don’t live up to these expectations. You certainly don’t want to be stressing the day of your child’s birthday party wondering if the magician you hired is going to even show up.. and will he be any good?


We’ve found the solution to this problem, you should contact the #1 Magician in Pennsylvania! East Stroudsburg Magician Eddy Ray has been performing family friendly magic shows all over town and beyond. He is a member of the certified magicians network and performs over 200 shows annually.

He easily meets the criteria mentioned above and many clients say he goes well beyond any expectations! This magician in East Stroudsburg performs full time and is seen at many children’s birthday parties, cub scout banquets, camps, block parties, schools, and more.

What makes this magician in East Stroudsburg unique?

1. He offers several magic show options depending upon what your event needs are.

2. He’s great and affordable!

3. He looks like a pro, performs like a pro, is a pro… and all of your guests will come up to you after the party is over… and thank you for providing them with such a great time!

We urge you to contact East Stroudsburg magician Eddy Ray to get full details on his magic shows. He will be happy to answer any questions you have because he is easy to work with and gets back to you promptly.

Contact this magician in East Stroudsburg before he disappears to another party!

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