Featured: Magicians in Elizabethtown PA For Kids and Adults

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our featured magician in Elizabethtown PA! Our magician offers incredibly fun magic show packages for both kids and adults!

Eddy Ray is our #1 recommendation when it comes to hiring a family funtastic entertainer.  Eddy specializes in creating magic show packages that will fit all sorts of events including private parties, birthdays, family gathering, festivals, fairs, banquets, and much more.

Unlike other magicians around, Eddy is a full time professional performing over 250 shows a year. Don’t risk hiring an amateur or part-time magician in Elizabethtown who may or may not be entertaining. Heck, will they even show up? How reliable will they be? These are important things to consider when searching for magicians to hire for that next event or special party!


Eddy Ray makes your event or party a top priority and will deliver the best service from start to finish. He will arrive early and have your guests enjoying themselves during the entire show. In fact, Eddy will have your guests coming up to you afterwards and thanking you for providing them with such a memorable time! When it comes to magic shows and magicians, Eddy Ray is at the top!

We’ve pretty much done all of the search work for you. Eddy offers direct and personal service, affordable pricing, and guarantees he will have your guests smiling and laughing or the show will not cost you a dime! So, you may be thinking what’s the next step? It’s simple.

Contact Eddy Ray by calling toll free at 1-877-297-7252 or visit his official website to find more details on his incredibly popular magic shows. Lancaster Pennsylvania .

Don’t delay! Remember, Eddy and his magic shows are in very high demand. Don’t miss the chance by having your date and time disappear!

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