Featured: Magicians in Pottsville For Kids and Adults

Magicians in Pottsville For Hire

Have you been searching for magicians in Pottsville, PA? We know it can be a time consuming task and that you really want to impress your guests so we’ve made finding the best magicians EASY!

Magician and Family Fun Guy Eddy Ray is a local magician and he provides memorable magic shows for almost any event! This magician has a very family friendly magic show so kids and adults will have a great time!

Most magicians don’t have the experience that Eddy Ray has. He’s a full time magician so you can be fully confident in knowing Eddy will provide you with the best service. He will be reliable and give your guests a memorable show! He performs over 200 shows annually and offers a unique array of magic show packages. By offering different magic shows you can easily choose an option that will fit your event without hassle!

Our recommend magician is popular for kids birthday party magic shows, cub scout events, schools, camps, corporate banquets, and much more. When ever you need entertainment, consider adding a magical touch with Magician Eddy Ray!

“We hired Pottsville magician Eddy Ray and he made my son’s birthday party so much fun the kids were talking about him in school days later!” – Jen Grant – Pottsville, PA

So, if you would like more information on this magician we urge you to visit his official website here: Magicians in Pottsville or call his toll free number: 1-877-297-7252

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